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Vivian Muka, support her

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We heard that Vivian Muka was living in the streets. Vivian is a brilliant student and an excellent athlete. She was living in the Karoi Children’s Home (founded in 1998 by Ten Foundation) for a long time. We did not understand how she ended up in the streets. After searching for her for a few days, Juliette found her in the Karoi area. What is special is that she was located by Juliette Munatzi, a young lady who has been in the Children’s home from a very young age. When Juliette turned 18 she also had to move away from the Children’s home. She then moved to the Satellite homes in Harare and now lives independently. She has grown up to be a wonderful caring young woman and she loves working for children and giving something back. We can’t imagine a better example. The project has come full circle, what else could we hope for? We can all be very proud of what has been achieved.
Vivian has been found and she is enrolled in Chikangwe Highschool in Karoi. She will also pick-up her running and has big plans.

Support her by donating to Ten Foundation. Bank number IBAN: NL62 ABNA 0502231300.
If you add ‘Vivian Muka’ in the description we will make sure the money goes to her. Thank you!
If you you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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