How Ten Foundation works

How Ten Foundation works

Ten Foundation’s goal is to initiate and support projects that enable young adults to have a solid and stable future by focusing on health, education, social interaction and being valuable members of society, for example through the development of job opportunities.

The Foundation itself is based in The Netherlands. The projects are initiated by a number of enthusiastic associates of CAOS and volunteers from the Ten Foundation Trust in Zimbabwe.
The president of the Ten Foundation Trust in Zimbabwe is Mr. Phillip Bohwasi. Mr. Bohwasi is a social worker at the Zimbabwe OIC Opportunity House. He continuously provides the foundation with new ideas and also manages the projects on-site.

The organization receives funds from charity organizations, private and corporate donations including a profit donation from CAOS, Conference Organisers.

The Foundation works mostly in Zimbabwe, Central Africa but there are also some projects in Congo.

Ten Foundation is an independent non-profit organization and its projects are supported locally by the Ten Foundation Trust in Zimbabwe.