Hopely Children Support Centre, breakfast project

Hopely Children Support Centre

Location: Zombabwe, Central Africa, Karoi Children’s home

Ten is proud to announce the Hopely Children support center. Juliette Munatzi initiated this project. Juliette is one of the girls that has been in the Children’s home of Karoi (founded by Ten) since she was a young girl. She remembers that she had to go to school without breakfast. Now, she has taken it upon her to prepare daily breakfast for approximately 200 children on all school days. We are especially raising funds for her so she can succeed to fulfill her dream to help children that are like she was when she was young.

Given Tomu, one of the other children Ten Foundation has taken care of for many years, is also helping in the Hopely project. He is teaching the children how to paint and to make music. It is heart-warming to realize that through the help of Ten these magnificent personalities are able to help other Zimbabwean children in reaching a goal.